A Novel Idea for North Korea

Amid all of the tense reports from Pyongyang and Washington D.C., people are wondering: what’s next for Korea?

The big debate in a lot of bars, living rooms and conference halls is whether the flailing of national governments and impulsive figureheads will simply over-escalate and get us into a new World War, which, as seasoned military experts concur, will not yield any real winners.

Or will diplomacy, favored by the establishment, win the day?

One Charlottesville, VA resident offers a third possibility.

Local activist and theology scholar Kenneth A. West suggests that instead of dropping tactical nukes, the more effective solution would be to drop food.

West believes that the private sector, in the form of the Gates Foundation or other philanthropic offices, might seize on this idea, if persuaded of its viability by the people at large.

Where the federal government has consistently relied on weaponry to advance American interests abroad, West contends that food aid will work better: the ideal situation, he says, would be to drop “nice food” with a selection of pamphlets including the slogan “we love you.”

It’s a nice thought, but not one that jibes with the will of the U.S. military industrial complex. What do you think?