A New Rat Trap!!

Ken West’s rodent trap is back, and it’s bigger than ever.

In this vintage video from the “early oughts” – we see a younger, scrappier West explaining in detail his revolutionary mousetrap design for Matteus Frankovich somewhere in downtown Charlottesville, VA.

Now, West wants to sell an oversized version of this trap, for rats, to municipalities.

“They’re infesting our world.” West said of the rats. “We don’t want them to **** in our food anymore.”

While the initial design was a live trap, West has now re-engineered the design to  look more like this:

He also describes a “death chamber” for the rats based on their descent into a sequence of holes.

The current plan, West says, is to present the design to both the Paul Newman Foundation and the Gates Foundation. After listening to Bill Gates on NPR, West believes that this is the kind of solution the philanthropist is looking for.

“Every day, it has to be picked up and eliminate the rats.” West says. “I’m a genius. I am. I’m sure this will work.”

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