Building the Pyramids

Citing a recent NPR program describing the discovery of multiple sets of bones in North African caves, Ken West says carbon-dated findings from thousands of years ago represent strong indications of the intervention of extraterrestrial life in ancient human affairs.

“It’s way beyond Noah’s ark,” West said, describing the examination of unidentified records from somewhere “near the cradle of civilization” and fossils from the MENA region. “I think they were E.T.”

West theorized that extra-terrestrial life forms from a nearby star made their way through many light years in ships without conventional propellant. “A colony could escape their star.” West said, referring to the plot line of Battlestar Galactica and suggesting a community from well beyond our solar system eventually made its way to Earth, which West affectionately refers to as “the Blue Rose.”

These life forms, he said, ended up mating with humans and assimilating into modern humanity. At the same time, he said, some individual extra-terrestrials have had the ability to arrive on this plant independently, by traveling through the space/time continuum.

West noted theories that suppose extra-terrestrials had contact with ancient Egyptian kings in some way, leading to the creation of immense physical pyramids that would have been difficult to construct within the boundaries of natural human societies of that time.

“Pharaohs were worshipped as Gods,” West said. “This could be a novelette.”

Alluding to Machhu Picchu, which was built much later in the fifteenth century, West described a class of humans or human/extra-terrestrial hybrids who could compel men to build massive stone architectures.

“I don’t think they were the good guys,” West said.

The Egyptian pyramids, he said, were covered with a coating of white limestone, and, like other more modern edifices, looked good when they were new.

“They were like the Washington Monument,” West said. “They were well-kept.”

West also described two distinct classes of laborers involved in pyramid creation: stonemasons and skilled builders near the construction site, and slave laborers largely in quarries.

Of the set of workers who did the finer stone work, West suggested many were farmers who worked on pyramid construction in an idle season.

“They had a time and season,” West said. “They volunteered – it was a national project. They didn’t have cable TV … these guys wanted to get away from their women. All they had was ‘let’s go build something for our god.’”

The larger masses of enslaved workers elsewhere, West conceded, probably did not have any fun at all.

Speaking of the analysis of the stone work at Macchu Picchu, West said the refined nature of the work indicates a mysterious origin, most likely, the hand of a non-human civilization.

“(Macchu Picchu) was a fortress against large numbers of humanoids,” West said.

A gold reserve buried under the site, West said, was eventually looted.

“We’ve had a lot of gold stolen from us over the years,” West said, suggesting extra-terrestrial miners have prized the element for its unique conductivity and atomic properties.

West, who has often characterized himself as a Non-Orientated Sexual Humanoid or NOSH, declined to comment further on ideas about alien intervention that he plans to develop into a “full length feature film.”

“I am coy.” West said.

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