The Holy City

Ken West believes he has found a group of locals who will be involved in the purification of the human spirit, in whatever aftermath follows a world war that he says is inevitable.

West claimed the group can be referenced online, providing the following Google phrase: neryatce.

A precise Google search turns up the web site for the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations.

“It’s a group of young humanoids,” West said of the mysterious group May 29, while acknowledging the end of Memorial Day weekend and suggesting that Trump has let U.S. veterans down.

“I’m very popular here,” West said of his status with Charlottesville’s up and coming generation of youth, “But I don’t go out much anymore. I’ve got people who want to kill me.”

When asked about this remark, West cited numerous run-ins with Charlottesville police, as well as the recent tragic attack on three men, including a military veteran, which left two of them dead. The attacker, West said, “praised Timothy McVeigh,” who he called a “white terrorist.”

“I’m in a condo,” West said. “I got a smoked trout, I got a beautiful woman. We got a clue.”

To underscore the point, West ceded the floor to his female companion, who he calls “the female Jesus,” for a quite impressive narrative involving a Holy City marked with the Star of David, taking up at least one half of the United States, and the entrance of the world into an “astronomical age” where humans co-exist for one thousand years with the trinity.

West and his partner did not comment on whether the upcoming era has any connection to the “Age of Aquarius” so commonly prophesied in the latter half of the twentieth century, but did include some much darker prophesy in unrecorded remarks following a call to “seek God and live.”

Editor’s Note: In a tribute to what America has been, and the power of mere mortals to inspire through soaring oration, we are including tonight a speech by a man – a man who is known, by various groups of people, in very different ways, and held to many different estimations: we feel these words, in this day and age, speak strongly to the power of the dreams that we may hold.

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