Today we got a bit of a history lesson from Mr. Ken West on the Russians’ role in World War II.

“They barely survived,” West said of the residents of Stalingrad under siege by the Germans. “They were eating shoe leather… it was a horrible minute, a time of war. They were eating shoe leather (but) they came above the tragedy of war.”

Shifting to the present day, West expressed a certain amount of admiration for the Russian people.

“They’re beautiful people now in Moscow,” West said. ‘They have bad traffic, though.”

West elaborated on a new Internet campaign he means to promote – one that focuses on giving the Russians the attention that they deserve.

“This is what’s going to fly on the Internet,” West said. “Save the Russians … they stand in line for bread – they’re beautiful people.”

Further elaborating on the origins of the Russian people, West suggested that they originally may have come from a specific part of the universe, potentially outside of the Milky Way galaxy.

“We (humans) are all from different sectors of the universe,” West said. “Every portion of us is why there’s so many countries — we come from throughout the universe.”

West encouraged individuals to find their own alien heritage.

“When we find our heritage, we’ll know,” West said, clarifying that the rest of his knowledge on extraterrestrial affairs will not be released prior to his work on a major motion picture.

“I’ll give you a clue,” West said, confirming that the solution to our alien identities will not come from simply dropping mescaline.

In the course of the conversation, West did note that he himself has partaken of the famously mind-altering drug, though not for such lofty purposes.

“I was in Georgetown at a Roy Rogers on Wisconsin Avenue,” West said, referencing an event that he said occurred at least 50 years ago.

Launching into the story, West recounted a series of potential crimes involving his possession of mescaline, which he described as “good capsules of sugary thing.”

“These cops come up on me, caught me in the corner — I said: ‘I’m in deep doo-doo.’”

Two or three officers, West said, pinned him in a corner, but he was able to escape.

“I jumped out,” West said, explaining that he was able to make his way under a car parked in front of the building, and started to throw the mescaline capsules into the gutter.

West said he was arrested and handcuffed with one hit of acid in his pocket.

At that point, in what West emphasized is “not a made up story,” he found himself half an hour later handcuffed to a chair and under the influence of the substance.

“I was tripping,” West said. “I was tripping, tripping, tripping…”

The apex of the story involved a chair thrown at a booking officer.

“I said: ‘here’s this for your Vietnam War,’” West said.

After reminiscing on the legacy of the Vietnam era, West abruptly changed focus back to the present, arguing that “we are in now times.”

“The Russians are disgusted with America and Trump,” West said. “They’re survivors – if it wasn’t for the Russians, we would all be speaking German right now.”

West cited other major hardships that the Russian people have survived in the years since Stalingrad, for example, Chernobyl.

“It’s all about the Russian people,” West said, giving the Russian population “kudos” for putting up with the hijinks and shenanigans going on within the current American political system. West contended that even the Russian oligarchs, who are supposed to be benefiting from much of the chicanery, do not actually enjoy the media circus that’s going on right now, because it makes them look bad.

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