You Don’t Mess With the G-Man



The whole Comey thing is a blizzard – a circus of such great and strange proportions that it’s really hard to tackle it whole at all.

In some ways, it comes down to a sitting president whose level of discourse is “See Dick lie. Lie, Dick, lie.”

In another way, it comes down to the reality. Not the “facts.” The reality is that, if you put your money on Comey, you’re likely to win. But the skeleton crew still propping up the POTUS don’t want you to hear that.

The reality is that there most likely was some form of “collusion” or “obstruction” regardless of the president’s ridiculous soundbite: “No collusion, No obstruction, He’s a leaker.”

Anyway, getting past all of that, there’s something else really interesting happening.

Listening to the post-game today, you can hear several desperate ways that the colorguard behind the throne are trying to discredit Comey.

One is that he really shouldn’t have “leaked” details of his conversations, which, as inside the beltway professionals point out, happens all the time and is routine in the context in which Comey did it.

But there’s another argument that’s even weirder.

You have this soundbite of Corey Lewandowski saying Comey “wasn’t man enough to give the notes directly to the media” all while engaging in the same kind of “alternative facts” spin that took Kelley Ann Conway down a notch.

It’s the old trick of adding insult to injury, but on a deeper level, it actually might be revealing a lot more of the reality that Trump backers would like to conveniently ignore.

Look at this face.

Does this guy look scared?

Think about it. This guy’s a G-man. A spook. He’s not the guy who you scare. He’s the guy who scares you. Jim Comey is the one who knocks.

Here’s the thing – the “alt-right” or whatever you call them these days has always, always traded on the machismo of America, and the ultimate superiority of law enforcement types and white people. Hell, authoritarians make the best FOP donors. So what Lewandowski was saying is really a bridge too far.

In a kind of admission of this ultimate reality, Lewandowski later complained about the “deep state” that’s out to get his man. This reveals another fault line. See, the POTUS people, they want you to see the deep state as un-American simply by virtue of their beltway status, and the POTUS as a “real man of the people” – but the whole thing is a big sand castle. FBI agents aren’t really “inside the beltway” in the sense that we’re being told to think they are – they’re the top cops. They really help run the show. America has always loved the FBI, and that’s not likely to change.

But I digress.

As Howard Fineman said today on Chris Matthews: “People who are trying to attack Comey on (his manhood)…should probably grow a pair themselves.”

And this isn’t just a “mine is bigger” kind of thing. There’s a lot more to it than that.

Because if both of these guys testify publicly under oath on what was said in those private conversations, one of them will have perjured himself.


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