Casting for a Work in Progress – Fusing Religions

Work proceeds apace on a “major motion picture” to be produced somewhere in central Virginia, Ken West said July 23.

A “table of 13” will be filled by persons of all major world religions.

“Buddha, Hindu, Christian, voodoo…the whole gamut,” West said.

A man named Don who believes that he is an incarnated god will play God. If Don doesn’t work out, West said, a replacement will be found.

“We can always find somebody that thinks as he does,” West said.

All of it, he added, will be very high-tech.

“I’ll add a little message that’s in my grey matter,” West said. “Once I reveal it – it will end war.”

Other aspects to be covered may include a feature on the life and times of Albert Einstein, and the revelation of some of his theories, the Theory of Mass-Energy equivalence.

West explained that “many particles can be found within a square” and that a “square” has extremely useful properties in physics, some of which might be echoed in the Masonic use of the square as a tool of power.

West also revealed some alternate theological history.

“Jesus didn’t really die on the cross,” West said. “You can’t kill God.”

Instead, West said, the messiah went into a meditative state, which West characterized as “hibernation.”

After the Romans allowed two women to take Jesus to the tomb, West said, a crew of extra-terrestrial angels arrived to give aid.

“He was in dire straits,” West said. “They patched him up.”

Afterward, West continued, Christ came back to earth for 40 days, to reveal himself to the faithful. However, he said, the Romans got word of his return, and Pontius Pilate called for him to be arrested once again.

“Jesus got wind of it,” West said. “He whipped out his cell phone and said ‘Beam me up – they’re going to kill me again!’”

In addition, West shared a recap of the origin of Voodoo, which he attributed to the era of the Spanish conquistadors.

The Catholics, he said, brought their religion to the tribal nations of the Caribbean.

“(the tribes) intertwined (Christianity) with their own religion of vengeance – to poke little holes in your body,” West said.

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