Bumper Stickers, Etc.

Ken West has a new money-making idea he is sure will catch on, citing the popularity of a smiley face sticker he remembers from the Vietnam War era.

West plans to design and print bumper stickers, after carefully registering the catchphrase: “Dump Trump.”

On further consideration, the slogan became extended to: “Dump Trump, the Chump who grabs the Rump.”

West is also feeling very vindicated by new reports he has found “in the UVA paper and on NPR” that American hostage Otto Warmbier “had his teeth rearranged” by the North Koreans before falling into a coma and being returned to the U.S. West said he has contacted the University of Virginia to remind them that his own teeth were broken by the UVA campus police several years ago.

West is no longer waiting for a settlement, claiming that pursuing one is pointless. However, he said, the bumper sticker idea has considerable financial potential.

Why bumper stickers?

Continually citing the dangers of North Korea’s advancing military program, West remains convinced that the hermit nation will either set off an atmospheric hydrogen bomb, detonate an EMP, or release many small tactical nuclear weapons, possibly targeting the U.S. east coast from a submarine.

The bumper stickers will show, West said, how these nuclear dangers were the product of American stupidity and carelessness and a profound inability of the president to grasp the reality of the situation.

West then informed this reporter of his need to go for a walk with his woman to get some beer.