Breaking Rat Trap News – Rat-Pocolypse Threatens U.S. Cities

Ken West is gearing up to make a renewed push for municipal managers to consider his own rat trap design.

“The cities of North America are experiencing an exceptional invasion of rats,” Ken West told this reporter October 11, citing climate change as a main driver of rat proliferation.

“Bobby Corrigan is the rat-master,” West said, quoting a work by Emily Atkin in New Republic that discusses the coming ‘Rat-pocolypse’ that West says will inundate American urban areas.

“I have pages of information in front of me,” West said. “I have the vision in my grey matter.”

West said the high-grade rat trap will cost around $500 and is not for home use. It also has to be tested.

“Rats are smart,” West said. “Can we outsmart rats?”

Describing the design as a “cone-shaped thing” made of metal with a rubber base, West said the rat trap is equipped with a kill chamber that metes out nitrogen, to work on the principal of oxygen deprivation. Nitrogen, West said, is seventh on the “elemental scale.”

The trap also has to be emptied on a regular basis.

“You can’t leave dead rats in there,” West said. “If you leave dead rats in there, the other rats aren’t gonna want to come in. They’re smart – they know death.”

West said he would not rule out the idea that he may be re-incarnated from great rat catchers of the past.

“It’s my mission,” West said. “We have to eliminate them. They’re going to overcome us. We have to diminish them gracefully. Let’s have some grace for the rats.”

In places like New York City and Houston, Texas, West said, rats are taking over, and poison is not a good method, since they crawl up in walls and die. On the other hand, he said, oxygen deprivation is so humane that, according to him, the government is considering it as a means of capital punishment.

“It’s a peaceful way to go out,” West said, explaining that he learned about oxygen deprivation from studying agriculture.

“If you’re in a silo, trapped for some stupid reason,” West said, “You’re putting grain in there, your door locks – nitrogen will deprive you of oxygen.”

West enumerated several other reasons his rat trap should be sought after by municipal managers and public works directors.

“I have so much information, you can’t imagine,” West said. “But I have priorities – and my priority is the rat trap.”

West then said he is getting along well with his significant other, who he referred to as “a walking bible.”

“We are the two witnesses,” West said.

Weighing in on a Facebook post made earlier today by a mutual acquaintance working as a water technician near Charlottesville, West said it would be irresponsible to encourage pranksters or malicious actors to put LSD in reservoir water.


However, he said, rats are a more serious threat.


“How do you think the bubonic plague happened?” West asked.