Major Motion Picture: Neighborhood Promotion

In comments late Tuesday night, Ken West described his latest efforts to drive attention around his latest project, which he refers to as a “major motion picture” that will reveal many of the secrets of the universe.

“I was down at the 7-11,” West said. “The children were out – ‘do you know where your children are?’”

Describing a crowd of young adults gathered in the parking lot, West said the group of 10 or 11 individuals recognized him as someone who is very well liked in the Charlottesville community.

“These were the nerds of Albemarle County,” West said. “There was a girl sitting on a white car with sparkly things on her head … they’re all swamping around me.”

West said he used the opportunity to promote his film project.

“I said: I have a major motion picture. I know how Jesus got here,” West said. “I’m on … I’m on.”

However, West said, he did not give away the plot.

“Why in the hell would you tell the premise of a major motion picture when they’ll just go put it on sci-fi and warp the message?” West said, urging this reporter to get involved on the ground floor of the project.

“You will have more money than you can imagine backing you up,” West said.

West also referred to a new collaborator on the film.

“This is quite extraordinary,” West said, of a Wendy’s employee who he said was homeless, and now shares West’s housing unit. “I have this really cool humanoid … he’s sort of like Jesus … he got beat down … I’m sort of saving him.”

All of this, West said, takes place against the backdrop of national news, in which the United States appears to be continuing military action against North Korea.

“The planes are flying as we speak,” West said. “The big dogs.”

Again contending that he “prophesied” current events, West said the arming of these warplanes may be a signal of a nuclear conflagration to come that will signal the end of the world as it is portrayed in John’s revelation.

“They’re carrying tactical nuclear weapons,” West said, referring to B-52s as “the old dogs.”

West also cautioned Americans to look out for “that asshole Putin” and “dump Trump.”

In unrelated comments, West explained that although he is a “noshling (non-orientated sexual humanoid)” he does not participate in the transvestite community. However, he said, he does have an abundance of high quality women’s clothing in storage, from a joint venture with a girlfriend several years ago who was going to operate an unusual business out of a retail space.

West did note the softness of women’s clothes, and said if he had access to the storage space, he might want to obtain some of the garments.


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