Disarmament Now: Grieving for Texas

Ken West is asking advocates for peace to join him in grieving for Texas and all of the other victims from American massacres of past years.

West also feels strongly that there is a solution for the gun violence that is plaguing the country.

“Let ‘em keep their guns,” West said late Tuesday night. “Take away their bullets.”

West suggested a new way to approach gun control might be to limit ammunition purchases. That way, buyers of semi-automatic weapons will not be able to shoot hundreds of rounds at lightning speed.

In addition, West called for setting up spectacular shooting ranges where gun nuts can, well, “go nuts” and shoot off their guns just as much as they want.

“Tell ‘em, here’s your toy – go shoot,” West said. “Then you put your gun away, and you go home.”

Getting choked up when talking about the tragic Sandy Hook massacre, West said he can’t understand why people feel the need to kill innocent children, but as long as that evil exists, he said, it’s important to have public voices for peace.

“Turn the swords into ploughshares,” West said, speaking to the urgency of practicing real disarmament, both on a personal level with AR-15s and similar guns, and on the world stage, where the specter of nuclear war now rears its head again, with even pundits questioning the steadiness and calm of world leaders. Both nuclear weapons and assault rifles, West said, are killing machines, and both should be treated as the dangerous weapons that they are, not as toys. Invoking past figures such as the Berrigan brothers and other notable peacemakers of the past generation, West said it’s time to get serious about bringing a new perspective and “waging peace in a time of war.”

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