Who Said it First? Ken West … or Chris Rock?

Over the last few days, Ken West has been doing a good bit of research about the legal feasibility of his proposal to control the sale of bullets in the United States while allowing gun enthusiasts unfettered access to their assault rifles, as a backdoor to some sort of effective policing to decrease gun massacres.

When asked about a Chris Rock stage bit that also proposed “bullet control” in the 1990s, through charging customers $5000 for every round of ammunition, West said his plan is definitely different, though he and Rock are “on the same wave.”

“Chris Rock is **** dumb,” West said. “That guy hasn’t done his research. That would never work.”

West’s plan involves setting up government gun ranges where customers pay to shoot – making it a felony to transport bullets away from the range, or to sell guns or ammunition across state lines.

“If you wanna go pop off some rounds – if you’re mad at your old lady, your testosterone’s up – you have to go to a government facility where a shooting range is,” West said. “If you have $500 to buy a gun, you can spend $50 to see a shrink, and they better have some poignant questions for your ass, look you dead in the eye, take a polygraph, or something … this shit is getting out of hand.”

Noting that America has the biggest gun massacre problem of any first world nation, and is an outlier with Yemen in terms of gun ownership per capita, West said Chris Rock’s early effort at bullet control just didn’t save the savvy to make an impact.

“It would never pass muster,” West said, explaining the phrase and its use in the military. “They call you up to stand on the line – if your shoes aren’t shiny enough, you got poop on your pants – you don’t pass muster.”

West stressed that the word is “muster,” not “mustard” and then recounted a brief summary of his own days in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, where he said after becoming a passionate anti-war protester he was “shanghaied” to do basic training and subsequently left with an honorary discharge.

“I should have got a **** medal,” West said.

Explaining a bullet control plan that he said would meet the necessary standard, West explained that with enough Supreme Court backing and some initial state pilot programs, the idea could take off. West read off a list of states where he thinks the initiative would have promise, including Illinois, California and Washington.

“There’s a bunch of rednecks up in Oregon,” West said, naming Oregon, West Virginia and Texas as states that would be slow to enact such laws.

“Texas will be the last one,” West said. “But they would probably pass it eventually.”

West also revealed details on several second amendment cases he has been researching in the last 48 hours, including an early 1939 case involving a man named “Miller.”

“I’ve got some good information – this is real,” West said, describing how after commiting a crime with a machine gun, Miller tried to use the second amendment as a defense.

“It dawned on the court, this is a criminal weapon, dude, you’re going to jail,” West said.

In addition to bullet control, West is also taking aim at the practice of civil forfeiture, adding his own name to the endless ranks of citizens who feel it’s unfair for law enforcement to pocket people’s money arbitrarily.

West described getting arrested on a drunk in public charge, and losing $35 dollars to the police.

“They wouldn’t give it back to me in cash,” West said. “I had to go back to the jail to get it. They were planning on keeping it.”

The court, he said, did not reimburse him for three to four hours of his time.

In foreign affairs, West mentioned he is keeping an eye on Saudi Arabia, where he said the crown prince has rounded up over 500 officials, and on Lebanon, which he said may aid Saudi Arabia in a “proxy war” against Iran.

West suggested that some of the Saudi overreach may be a result of political complacency in the Kingdom, due to the government’s relationship with its citizens.

“I’m not saying the Saudis live in the lap of luxury,” West said, “But they get enough freebies.”

West feels that the Saudis believe that if they go to war with Iran, America will back them. Repeating his claim that “this could be Armageddon,” West said it’s incumbent on locals to start hoarding water.

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