Silverman and the Snitch

Although major cable news networks have backed off some of their reporting on troubling scenarios in the Korean peninsula, Ken West is still trying to warn the world that a nuclear conflagration is closer than it might seem.

“Within my mind, I came up with this revelation,” West said November 22, calling war “a real possibility.”

North Korea, he said, has built an extensive network of tunnels.

“They are diggers,” he said. “One of their primary resources is rare earth minerals.”

West is sure that Kim Yong Un has a “superhardened” place to go to in any emergency.

“He is ready for anything that happens,” West said. “He can survive it.”

West speculated that if China, Korea and Russia are planning to use an electromagnetic pulse weapon or EMP against America, trying to control the impending chaos is crucial.

“When there is no water or food, but plenty of ammunition, they will hit the gun stores.” West said. “There will be absolute chaos in the streets … the military will be on the loose to try to force martial law … one more good reason to abolish military-style bullets.”

West also criticized the idea that preventing gun massacres is a mental health issue, saying that reviewing individuals for mental status is entirely ineffective.

A person who is sane one moment, West said, can be insane the next.

“It can change in a New York minute,” West said. “If some man has a bad divorce, gets pissed off at the mother-in-law, he’s fully sane one moment, and the next moment he’s insane…”

West referenced a scene in Charles Dickens ‘Tale of Two Cities’ that he said pre-figures the chaos that is to come.

“He could feel it in his bones,” West said of an unnamed character in the novel. “He knew that it was going to come to its bloody end.”

In other news, West is excited about a newcomer to the Haven, a man named Silverman who he said might be “in cahoots with Hollywood.”

Silverman, he said, seems receptive to West’s ongoing plan to produce a major motion picture involving extraterrestrial activity, comparative religion and a good dose of prophecy.

Silverman, he said, also has some interesting ideas of his own.

“He claims to have the ultimate economic solution,” West said, suggesting that news media should try to reach Silverman for comment.

Another new resident in his community, West said, has begun to try his hand as a confidential informant — and West believes this effort will end badly.

West described a man who showed up in an old pickup truck, who exudes an air of phoniness and “always seems up in everybody’s business.” He described the individual as a “snitch” and suggested it would enhance the man’s longevity to “snitch better.”

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