This Just In: West Changes Story on Jones


After passionately insisting for days that Charlottesville clapper Michael Jones had been “hemmed up,” in jailhouse parlance, and that the police actions in his case constitute entrapment, Ken West has suddenly reversed his character assessment of Jones, who he said threatened him in prison.


West’s new assessment is based on information he learned while consorting with a female friend who West said is a “jailhouse person,” explaining that she has extensive knowledge of some of the people around Michael Jones, and others who are well known in the local community.


When we spoke to this woman, who West called “Michelle,” she had no comment on the Jones case, saying that she was “in a situation” regarding her brother.


Later on the call, West explained that Michelle had spent a significant amount of time in prison for, in his words, “spitting on police.”


Why is this important?


Since our reporting was largely based on West’s repeated claims that Jones was being unfairly prosecuted, his abrupt about-face changes the narrative considerably. It will be up to a grand jury to determine whether in fact, Jones is, as West calls him, a “petty smalltime drug dealer and thief” or whether he is simply someone caught up in the wide dragnet of America’s war on drugs.


As for West, who claims to be an informant for the police, after being offered a spot in a Super Eight Hotel in Greenbriar, the “snitch” has retired to his usual hiding spot somewhere above chicken alley. His sofa is a cardboard box.

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