Who’s Paying Michael Jones’s Canteen Money? – and – Peace, Peace, but There Is No Peace


In new revelations on the curious case of Michael Jones, Ken West is suggesting that Jones, as a mid-level drug runner, is leaning on some business associates to send him canteen money in jail.


“That stuff doesn’t just fall out of the sky,” West said


When Jones gets shipped out to “the box,” West said (referring to a longer term penitentiary), jailers will most likely cut off the long dreadlocks that hang in his face.


Remembering his ill-treatment at the hands of the Charlottesville clapper, West also mentioned some other existing grievances with local characters, including a man named “Will Stringum” who apparently operated a used bicycle shop in the past, and owes West $30,000 for “exceptional goods” which West later characterized as “fine English steel.”


However, West also needs to get his bicycle from his ex-girlfriend’s house.


Summoning visions of Will Stringum on his own bicycle pedaling furiously away from police, West said the delinquent bicycle hawker is probably on the run from the law.


West also chronicled another recent interaction he had with a state trooper.


The state trooper, West said, hailed from Georgia and was extremely racist. West shared some racist vignettes that the officer had shared with him.


In order to string the fellow along, West said, he raised the idea of a nuclear attack on North Korea. Unsurprisingly, the state trooper voiced his whole-hearted enthusiasm for using neutron bombs in a war capacity to “bomb North Korea back to the Stone Age.”


West further suggested that “neutron bombs” do not generate uranium decay or nuclear fallout.


A quick Google search by our fact checkers shows this is not the case, and that neutron bombs are considered to generate around 5% of their blast power as residual fallout. Brittanica.com gives these definitions:


“Residual radiation is defined as radiation emitted more than one minute after the detonation. If the fission explosion is an airburst, the residual radiation will come mainly from the weapon debris. If the explosion is on or near the surface, the soil, water, and other materials in the vicinity will be sucked upward by the rising cloud, causing early (local) and delayed (worldwide) fallout. Early fallout settles to the ground during the first 24 hours; it may contaminate large areas and be an immediate and extreme biological hazard. Delayed fallout, which arrives after the first day, consists of microscopic particles that are dispersed by prevailing winds and settle in low concentrations over possibly extensive portions of Earth’s surface.”


The bottom line, at risk of editorializing, is that neither the state trooper in question, the chickenhawk John Bolton, or any of the basket-dwellers who insist on “military solutions” of this kind have the brain cells to rub together to understand the simple premise of mutually assured destruction, although anybody who is anybody in conventional statesmanship has known this for about half a century. Set off enough nuclear bombs, and your environment will be an uninhabitable nuclear wasteland. The basket people, who seem to be popping up everywhere, are keen on getting the rest of us to agree that all of these diplomats and career scientists and government folks were really just pursuing peace for a lark. It’s one of the stupidest things anyone can ever think, but on today’s menu, it’s just the #3.



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