A Day in CVille

Ken West is on a mission today to help a dialysis patient.


“My backpack is loaded with orange juice and apple juice and all sorts of other gifts,” West said from a moving bus in the Charlottesville, Virginia downtown area.


In some ways, he added, his mission of mercy is payback for the generosity of a number of kind individuals who offered him charitable aid the night previous.


“People were throwing money and cigarettes at me right and left,” West said, renewing his repeated claim that he is “very popular in the neighborhood.”


West also reiterated another claim that he has often said is central to his mission in coming to earth from a “god-planet”: that he has been “challenged by Jesus Christ” to illuminate the human world.


“I have been put here for a short time,” West said.


Earlier in the day, he said, he was engaged in some important research on the military history of Western civilization, in particular, World War I.


“I saw the men in the muck,” West said. “It was horrible.”


After this, he said, he took his “skinny ass” down to the park, referring to the recently renamed Emancipation Park, and had a good long nap under the watchful eye of Gen. Lee, who may be able to see through plastic.


In a later conversation, West introduced us to an unnamed 90-year-old who he said had emigrated from China.


In interviewing this man, who spoke limited English, we found that he actually is from the Philippines, and doesn’t have much of a read on current affairs, but has been enjoying his time in the United States.


“It’s been good,” he said. “People are nice.”


Commenting on the rest of his daily mission, West said it is his aim to “bring peace among the races.”


“Rice balls – rice cakes – that’s the answer,” West said, referring to charitable aid to the hermit kingdom of North Korea.


After a brief hiatus, West returned, sitting in front of a “defunct hotel” to deliver some song lyrics as a banjo jangled stridently in the background:


“all round there is truth

In the ground we do not dwell,

I had a new dream,

There may be a new truth”


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