The Kid Speaks on Egyptians

The Egyptians were smart, but they were kind of bad when they made cars!

They didn’t make cars.

They were kind of bad at the end of Egyptian times when they made cars!

There were no cars in Egyptian times.

At the end of Egyptian times!

There were no cars until the early 1900s. For thousands of years after the Egyptian times, there were no cars. Henry Ford invented the first car. The Egyptians were bad because they had slaves.

So then who was bad for making cars?


Can I tell you how we came to be here?


So there was a sword and you grabbed it and, it was electrocuted, and you went really fast (zoom!!) through to another dimension, from another dimension, to here.

Like the Deorean?

Yeh – and in the game, you’re not my dad you’re just a guy. So you call me chief.

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