Macron’s Dandruff Problem

Anticipating an appointment with his probation officer, Ken West took time to share some of his entrepreneurial visions and comment on current affairs.


First, West said, he is hard at work promoting his idea of conditional uses for abandoned shopping malls and other commercial facilities.


“People don’t want junk in their houses,” West said. “They want to get it out.”


West’s model proposes that municipalities host large homeless populations in abandoned malls to sort through the detritus of America’s consumptive lifestyle – items that would typically end up at Goodwill or Salvation Army or even in the dump.


Conceding that an investor is necessary, West suggests that with a little research and networking, he may be able to reach local government leaders to try to get this idea made into reality.


Having made this proposal to Leading the Horse and suggesting some collaborative research, West segued into news of recent interactions between president Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron.


“Why did he brush stuff off his shoulder?” West said “Trump and Macron are in cahoots for the next big event.”


If an EMP or nuclear event goes down, West said, it will be good for America to be on France’s side – and it may benefit the French, too.


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