Scary Robots

Concerned about the coming robot apocalypse, my son has come up with several solutions for making sure that new technologies do not run amok.


( may have been too frank about some of my recent research into artificial intelligence…)


His first idea was that we need to keep public schools opened through every weekend, and the summer, in order to allow students to get ‘smarter than robots.’


I explained that humans need breaks to function well.


His next idea has actually had application in numerous books and television shows where the evil robot trope has been foiled by simply running the thing out of power.


“Then that’s good if my iPad dies,” he said, “then if it has no power it can be dead … It’s like if you run the car until it runs out of gas.”


The next solution was inspired by his love of martial arts.


“You could get really good at tae kwon do,” he said “and break the metal.”


However, he conceded, this strategy might come with unintended consequences.


“You could get electrocuted,” he said.


Having run through these options, he also had some commentary on which hapless human victims would get destroyed first by wild robots.


If you do too much screen time, then your brain gets mushy, then the robots would catch you because you’re not smart,” he said.

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