Did Iran Agree Not to Buy?


Somebody help me out with something –


We know that an ignorant and crass administration is flirting with danger by clumsily inflaming the same Iranian leadership that we used to regard as a serious adversary and treat with diplomatic care. What I haven’t heard about is some of the specific details of “the deal” that is now on the scrapheap and how a certain kind of doomsday scenario might shape up.


Ken West is on a mission to alert the world to a critical danger regarding Iran’s possible purchase of nuclear weapons from North Korea.


The hermit kingdom is one of West’s favorite subjects – call him and he will explore at great length the plight of the North Korean people, the mind of the nefarious Kim Yong Un (who he says is still “ill”), and the various pursuits of nuclear weapons that are having a destabilizing and frightening effect on the world population.


Key to West’s passionate theory is that the nation of Iran is purchasing nuclear weapons from Un’s unfriendly regime in preparation for a colossal confrontation with the West (no pun intended).


West also likes to include the danger of an Israeli-based conflict given the long history of tensions there.


In a long conversation July 26, West spoke about Iran having long-distance missiles that it could equip with nuclear capacity.


“All they have to do is tip them with nukes,” West said.


The forthcoming attack, he said, could be difficult to evaluate.


“A nuke goes off, it don’t leave much evidence,” West said. “It don’t leave a signature. No signature.”


West suggested tactical nuclear weapons might target oil tanks in the Strait of Hormuz, cutting off vital world oil supplies.


Having read the news of the day, West also weighed in on the psychology of the American White House and its propensity for aggressive actions.


“If he gets his ass caught in a fix, he might say ‘well I’m just going to start a war’” West said, warning of dangerous consequences from capricious political decisions in general.


For example, he said, any stray misunderstanding between the military assets of both countries, perhaps in Yemen or elsewhere, could easily start “World War III.”


“That’s the kind of thing that happened in World War I – you know that don’t you?” West said. “That (expletive) can happen with evil people.”


West’s narrative often repeated makes a significant point – the American government had put all sorts of precautions in place to prevent Iran from developing its own nuclear weapons – but did it also safeguard against a purchase by Iran from another country?


I, for one, have no idea.



Later in the call, West explained the vast diversity of bacteria in the human body.


“I got all these creatures in my gut,” he said.


One the subject of centaurs, West claimed that if these mythical entities had existed in tandem with the development of human civilizations, the centaurs would not be the slaves, but the masters.

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