News from the Front

Our intermittent correspondent is hunkered down in Charlottesville Va, preparing for another weekend of white nationalist activity.


This time, he says, police are ready. West detailed to Leading the Horse how a proactive state police force of over 800 has been on the ground looking at potential crowd control problems, and noted the recent hiring of a new police chief who he said is an African-American woman.


“The leader of the pack – is black.” West said, adding his own daily activities to his report. “I’m acclimated to the neighborhood … and I played the piano today!”


West called back late in the news day with what he characterized as “good news” and a break from his usual doom and gloom reports of nuclear hysteria.


“Two Australians figured out how to turn hydrogen into ammonia,” West said. “It will solve the climate change problem.”

West also suggested a new cure for malaria is pending.


“All in a week, we got two humanoid problems,” he said.

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