First Day of School

In our nightly chat, my seven year old mentioned our dog and how brave she must be.

“She’s not scared of the dark.” he said.

I explained that dogs can see pretty good in the dark – and they can smell meat very well, too.

However, I passed along a little factoid that I’ve heard often enough, but never looked up – so I might be wrong.

I told him dogs are colorblind.

“Well,” he said, “sometimes I think I’m kind of colorblind – because I just don’t pay attention to the colors.”

He told me that yesterday, he didn’t pay attention to the color yellow, and “some other colors.”

Intrigued, I asked him what the yellow thing was that he didn’t pay attention to.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It was kind of in the middle of the day yesterday – and we had a whole day yesterday, and a whole day today.”

Yes, my kid had his first day of school today – he had a great time and his teacher seems nice and he got to walk the last bit of the way to school by himself.

He really wanted to go by himself.

“I’m already here,” I said, walking him down the path, “and I need the exercise, so can I walk with you?”

“You can get exercise walking somewhere else.” he said.

I took myself off in another direction just at the time that one of his best friends came along with his mom, so they walked together to the school.

After school was over, I walked and got him – I had to buzz in with a handheld radio and wait for a while until someone came to escort me in to where the kids were happily playing dodgeball. I told my son how in my day, guys would try to swing that ball right in your face. He said he’s pretty good at dodging.

As we walked out, he asked me if he could walk home by himself.

“I’m already here,” I said. “You can walk ahead if you want  – but I’m a pretty fast walker.”

So we out-walked each other all the way home.


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