Stephen Hawking Approves Major Motion Picture!

In Ken West’s dream, he was moving up a lighted staircase into the sky, with a black dog and two black kittens behind him.

He found a “humanoid presence” at the top, who he called Lucifer, and wrestled with him until the gate was unlocked and the menagerie ventured out into the ethereal plane.

The late Stephen Hawking appeared and gave him some sort of inexplicable advice about global warming, or Trump or something.

“One of our greatest. Dead. Little guy in a wheelchair. Name.” West said, trying to identify the Cambridge-educated theoretical physicist who passed into the unknown in March.

“He told me I could make my motion picture,” West said, rhapsodizing further about the money-making and fame inherent in his eventual plan to release a blockbuster film on America.

Then, he said, he watched a spectacular sunset, with an extra twist.

“The names of all of the saints were written there in gold,” he said. “It was the Tree of Life.”

The dog, he said, probably represented Storm, the Norwegian elkhound who traveled with him in his Ford van throughout the 1990s and, West said, has been re-incarnated.

The kittens, he said, mean “that there is no such thing as bad luck.”

West re-iterated his ongoing claim that he was “right about North Korea” and had a chuckle at the plight of poor Paul Manafort who is facing some time behind bars, along with other assorted characters. As for the ringleader, West speculated that the embattled president could “end up in the box.” “It’s Watergate all over again,” he said. “Too much fast food, no golden toilet for you!”

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