Ugly Pug

He’s got a face only a pugger can love — and he really likes what’s in that lunchbox!…

Which happens to be this:

is this a face?

Writing in some Asiatic language – and some interesting pictures – I can’t make heads nor tails out of it. Maybe the buyer can piece this together – it’s all there in a bag.

One who can read the message might file this under ‘spiritual significance’…



Law School in a Box

One of the best things that Mental Floss ever did (in my opinion) was create this interesting little item. Get a mini-legal encyclopedia explaining odd crimes like ‘smurfing’ and “heroes of the courtroom” cards featuring greats like Oliver Wendell Holmes. Get this plus a MYSTERY GIFT item for the bright young lad or lassie who is sure to go places – or the grizzled old coot at your holiday table who has somehow snagged a credential from the bar.



Art Supplies

Do art with your kids!


Coloring is therapeutic!

Dozens of (short) Thomas Kinkade brand colored pencils, and some Artists Loft pastels, with a set of six Frozen crayons (still in box!) All for $15


Two Minis

Two for one on these quaint curiosities – one is a miniature display featuring a comfortable, well-fashioned Irish drawing room.

The other shows the D.C. obelisk with fireworks background. This item used to do something and still has original wiring. I didn’t want to tear into it and do damage. It’s a neat little piece.

$10 for the set