Big Basketball

This old mechanical game is cool! You use levers to propel the ball up into the net. The whole thing is intact, just one of the scoring wheels is missing. It’s an easy fix – take off the existing wheel, run it through a photocopier – cut it out and install both and you have “home vs visitors” scoring.

Star Wars Colossal Game Pack

This pack includes the Tiger Star Wars Electronic Talking Galactic Battle Game, no box or game pieces, but it WORKS. Also comes with the Tiger Star Wars quiz game, which also works and has a cartridge for the Quiz Wiz Episodes IV, V and VI – just needs a book!

Also, there are these various small game pieces, including the Millenium Falcon!

All for $50. A good “fixer upper” pack.


Elegant Swan

This neat rare collectible brings to mind the beautiful Swananoa mansion, the summer home of James Dooley, nestled in the mountains of Afton, VA. After being cared for by the Walter and Lao Russell foundation for many years, Swananoa was bought by a deranged oil magnate and let to rot. This swan would have been right at home in the elegant Italian marble estate or at the Dooley’s main home in Richmond, VA.